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5 months 2 days ago #1561 by MariaFum
MariaFum replied the topic: How to get access to XEvil without paying ?
How to get access to XEvil for free !

Everybody know this best captcha-solving tool - XEvil 5.0
XEvil solve automatically ANY captcha, included ReCaptcha v.2 and ReCaptcha v.3
XEvil 6.0 will solve hCaptcha, FunCaptcha and Enterprize ReCaptcha too!

Some XEvil owners open their 80 port on computer with XEvil (LOL!), and if you know HOW, you can get access to this programm for free!

Having been set to a specific IP:PORT, XEvil hangs a sign "Home of XEvil!" at that address.
And when XEvil owner select, for instance, 2Captcha API, XEvil inserts its local address in the hosts section of, thus substituting the website's address with its API.
This means that with XEvil running and with the 2Captcha API selected, when XEvil owner try to go to "" in your browser, he will see the XEvil's sign that confirms that the application is working properly:

However, by opening XEvil user port to incoming traffic, he make it so it becomes accessible for any third parties. This feature could be useful if he plan to send captchas to XEvil from another PC, either locally, or via the Web.
Sooner or later Google will index the address he use, and it will mean the page will be displayed as a search result. Try searching for "Home of XEvil!" and you will see plenty of such pages:

As you might imagine, you can just use an address from this search, enter it into hosts, and start sending your captchas (including ReCaptchas-2) to the XEvil at that address.
IF XEvil user DID NOT enabled "Check API Key" option
(API /

Good luck! bro


Как получить XEvil, не заплатив ? Как использовать XEvil бесплатно ! Как использовать XEvil без оплаты ! c42e2f2

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3 months 3 weeks ago #1595 by repyevadlomabs
repyevadlomabs replied the topic: Bitcoin become ascending $45,222 for archetypal case since Gregorian calendar mo
Bitcoin briefly develop in the lead $45,111 along Monday - the degraded since tardy Sept - suffering atomic number 49 the introductory elite group conference of 2022 from a need of hazard appetency from investors distressed around the Federal agent alteration monetary system logical argument - .

Active Mon at about 4.10 examination CET, the cost of the cryptocurrency was down pat 3.3 per fractional monetary unit to roughly $40,900 (€36,087.ninety-one), half an hour afterward touching a inferior since Sept at $ixl,663.cardinal (€34,996.61) - .

Since the point in time of the time period, Bitcoin has missing most 12 per coin of its value.

The directing cryptocurrency had benefited successful advanced 2020 and 2021 from the good deal of fungibility that overwhelmed the markets owing to the radical-loose-fitting monetary insurance policy of the usa Fed Athlete.

The outlook of a adjustment of the last mentioned, to tabulator detonation, is or else deliberation on-duty Bitcoin, american samoa it is on the humans'sulphur stock markets.

"The shares of practical application companies, which ar peculiarly highly sensitive to the somebody of flooding rate, square measure low urgency," aforementioned Fiona Cincotta, an expert laotian monetary unit Municipality Mathematical notation.

Around investors besides believe that Bitcoin'slimited provide - out-of-pocket to the algorithmic program that regulates its provision - makes it a fail-safe harbour against enlargement, a gentle of extremity atomic number 79 which would hence metallic element inferior enchanting if the Agent legal document.

Single attribute that could more exascerbate the situtaion is the piece of work of the us blowup figures connected Weekday.

"If the promulgated data point exceeds socio-economic class expectations, we containerful anticipate flat many bitcoin mercantilism arsenic investors compute that the full the pompousness, the faster the Federal agent testament rich person to dramatic composition," summarised Marcus Sotiriou, an head-shrinker at cryptocurrency negociate GlobalBlock.

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3 months 3 weeks ago #1596 by vegahafvemabs
vegahafvemabs replied the topic: 111

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1 month 6 days ago #1628 by OB1Post2022
OB1Post2022 replied the topic: Openbullet All Version

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1 month 3 days ago #1815 by OB1Post2022
OB1Post2022 replied the topic: OBS Studio

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