Blue Flower

Goldlink's Inventory Control Program let you keep track of things. Your item will be stored in a box, shelf, bin, room, or anything that can be assigned a number.  The item can have a category, a price, a quantity, and a description. From that there are many uses to the program.  Examples include

  • boxes located in a storage facility.  Scan the boxes QRCode or enter it's number and you can see all the items in that box
  • boxes donated to a charity. Keeps track of items and cost for taxes
  • books in a collection or for sale.  Keeps track of the books including ISBN number.  You can export this out to an excel spreadsheet for archival purposes
  • sets of pictures.  Lets you group a set of pictures for emailing.
  • small business inventory.  Use it to keep track of your inventory with pictures and to increment/decrement quantities when sold or ordered

Let us know what you used it for!